Friday, November 19, 2010

Grayson A Good Food Awards Finalist

We're very pleased to announce our Grayson is one of the finalists in the brand new Good Food Awards - The Good Food Awards will be given across five American regions and in seven food categories. In the cheese category, the judges picked out the "tastiest" cheeses which also met their standards of "good animal husbandry, without the use of hormones, and without the use of herbicides and pesticides on the pastures and in feed." We're honored to be one of the five finalists in the Eastern region.

Winners for the Good Food Awards will be announced at a ceremony in San Francisco on January 14, 2011.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sustainable energy on the farm...

Now that the temperatures have dropped we are really reaping the benefits of our wood and solar fired boiler. It's fully operational, heating our water and providing warmth for all areas of the cheesehouse. Already we've seen significant savings in our propane usage.

Installation of this system has been yet another step in Meadow Creek's long term focus on sustainability, one of the Dairy's primary goals from its very beginning in 1988. The low emissions boiler uses downed wood from our 80 wooded acres - allowing us to close the waste loop and utilize more resources from the farm. We can truly boast that our award winning cheese based on flavor and texture is also a winner for the environment.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ahh just in time for the holidays..

Typically fall is the time to enjoy the best washed rind cheese, having developed a rich flavor and texture. The Graysons we're tasting now are custardy and have a silky feel on the tongue, with a delicious fruitiness and pleasant earthy notes. With all the attention to the debut of our Mini-Graysons and the release of our Mountaineer... plus the media love fest with Appalachian... we can almost over look our star and best-selling cheese. So, we must not miss out this special time of year for Grayson, especially as we enter the holiday season.